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Revenge in Guatemala: Mob Lynch Mayor

A mob in Guatemala has killed a mayor. The killed to have been masterminding an attack on the family of a political rival. A revenge has cost the mayor of a village in Guatemala’s...


NSU Trial: Court rejects stay of proceedings

The accused Beate Zschape and Ralf Wohlleben wanted to expose the Munich NSU Trial – now the Court has rejected this initiative. Even dismissal feasting from prison, it did not agree. The NSU trial...


Flight MH17 was shot

It’s official: Flight MH17 was hit by a rocket – Buk. This emerges from the final report published today, the Dutch investigators. The Malaysian Airliner MH17 was shot last year on the Eastern Ukraine...


Oregon: assassins had at least 13 weapons

The gunman of Oregon had legally purchased at least 13 weapons. Six of Chris Harper M. had there when he shot at the College around and killed nine people. At least 13 weapons allegedly...


NSU Trial: plaintiff probably does not exist

Bang in NSU Trial: A co-plaintiff – lawyer admits by information that his client is ” probably not existent”. An alleged victim of the nail bomb attack in Cologne Keupstraße, which was approved by...


Converted prison escapee via Facebook: UK

Douglas W. escaped from prison – and checked with his wife in a hotel. Then a Facebook entry proved his undoing. Douglas W. just wanted to get out sometimes. His wife meet. Relax. And...

USA: Georgia directed towards women 0

USA: Georgia directed towards women

Kelly Renee Gissendaner is dead. The convicted murderer was executed in the US state of Georgia with a lethal injection. Not only the Pope had tried in vain to help her.